What Is The Perfect Time To Visit Cherry Blossom Moment In Japan

In Japan, Cherry tree blossoms are related to everywhere in January between June, but most festivals come between March and May. At this time, there will be many celebrations in this country.

In January-June, Cherry seeds will be held in many festivals in March-May depending on each region of Japan. At present, many festivals are held in different parts of the country.

The most important festivals:

  1. Festival “Yaedake” on motorcycle (7 February, 7 January)
  2. Matsuyama Shiroyama koen festival in Matsuyama (2-4 April)
  3. Matsu Jozan Koen” Matsu Festival (March 27 – April 15)
  4. Cuyama Kakuzan Festival Koen Tsuyama (Beginning of April)
  5. Takat-machi Takato Koshi Koen Festival in Inna (April)
  6. Takada Koen Festival in Joetsuda (2-18 April)
  7. Kitakami Tenshochi Festival (April 15 – May 5)
  8. Hirosaki Koen Festival in Hirosaki (April – May)
  9. Matsumida Matsumae Koen Park Festival (April – May).

 festivals in japan

Cherry blossoms are the main attraction of these events, and the Japanese celebrate many other events. Some of the coolest things you can not miss are small traditional japan cherry blossom tours Japanese music and drama shows, magic rituals, or family gatherings under the tree.

  • It is a great place to understand some of the Japanese culture and traditions without ever changing it.
  • Sakura tree, meaning Japanese cherries, is one of the symbols of Japanese culture in the world. In some major festivals, you can pick up trains in parks or rivers.

If you want to visit the festival of flowers in many Japanese cherries, you will find many flights to the biggest cities of the island. There are many opportunities to go anywhere in the country because the transportation system is the most modern in the world. A great deal of distance from Japan is the value of all the victims when it comes to real values ​​in Japan.