Quick Tips On Pet Training To Reinforce Good Behaviour

The keywords to remember when pet training are: timing, consistency, praise, firm, fun, and fair. If you’re having difficulties with excessive barking, scratching, urinating or other pet concerns, learn a few tips on pet training.

Dog training can be quite simple when you learn the basics. Positive reinforcement is a powerful tool in dog training, as your dog’s behavior can be shaped or changed when something pleasant is given immediately following a behavior. Positive reinforcement makes the good behavior more likely to occur in the future, as long as it is accompanied with consistency and timing. When your family is dog training make sure everyone is using the same commands.

Quick Tips On Pet Training And Dog Training To Reinforce Good Behaviour
One of the best things you can do for your dog and yourself is to train her. Training opens up a line of communication between you and your dog. Crate training is a type of obedience training which is controversial and should be researched properly. Punishment, including verbal, postural and physical, can warp your dog’s perception of the world, and will not solve behavior problems.Some sounds that make dogs go crazy.

After careful consideration, if you have decided on crate training, please heed these guidelines:

  • Crate training should never be used as punishment
  • A dog should never be confined to a crate for longer than 2 hours
  • A puppy will use a crate to go potty if she is scared or left in too long,
  • Keep the crate with you, giving your puppy a sense of security
  • Put some treats in the crate

Make easy goals, have fun and enjoy the benefits that come from a well-trained pet. The compliments will flow!

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